Thursday, October 27, 2016

'It's Ghastly', A Scream! Comic History

On sale at last here at last,
The third in Hibernia's 'Comic Archive' series is here, taking a look at the dark underside of British comics with 'It's Ghastly, the untimely demise of Scream!'
Scream! comic appeared on the newsagents shelves for just 15 issues in 1984 but managed to leave a fearsome reputation behind.
Featuring the work of, to name a few, John Wagner, Alan Grant, Simon Furman, Alan Moore, José Ortiz, Eric Bradbury and Brendan McCarthy, Scream has built up a cult following over the years, with back issues and Holiday specials now highly collectable.
Scream's sudden disappearance from the newsagents led to rumours of it being removed because of parents complaints, or being the victim of a strike.
'Its Ghastly' delves into the murky world of Scream with contributions from all of its editors, Barrie Tomlinson, Ian Rimmer and Simon Furman to uncover the truth of its demise.
Scream's six Holiday Specials come under scrutiny and uncovers the origins of such stories as 'Black Beth' and Dave Gibbons 'The Nightcomer' and also included is a cover recreation to issue 16, and the actual covers to 17,18, and 19.
The highlight is a complete 16 page Nightcomer's tale that was due to start probably in issue 18 of Scream but lay unpublished until now. Join Rick and Beth for one last supernatural adventure by Simon Furman and José Gonzales and much more in 'Its Ghastly', the ultimate Scream companion.
64 pages (10 in colour)
Saddle Stitched

Friday, March 25, 2016

The Eagle Adventure Special Reviews

Reviews of the Eagle Adventure Special if anyone is interested :) It can be bought in out on-line shop here





Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Hibernia are excited and proud to bring back the new Eagle! 
The Eagle Adventure Special will only available to buy in our on-line shop , all out titles have an extremely low print run, this will sell out fast.

Styled of the Holiday Special of the eighties, The Eagle Adventure Special collect classic stories of characters like Dan Dare, Doomlord, Comrad Bronski and much more.
Cover to cover comic action from talents like John Wagner, Jim Bakie, Alan Grant, Cam Kennedy, Alan Hebden, John M Burns, Alan Moore, Carlos Ezquerra, Ian Kennedy and many more, its not to be missed.

Buy it now to avoid disappointment, please allow 10 days for delivery, usually MUCH faster, but the vagaries of the postal system have to be accounted for. 

64 Pages, 8 Colour plus colour cover.

Saddle Stitched

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Christmas delivery dates.

Happy Christmas to all and thanks for the support for Hibernia over the last year!

 Keep an eye out here and on Facebook/Twitter for more titles coming from Hibernia next year.

There is still time to order, see all of out titles that are available here in our online shop

Orders received by the 18th sould be in time for Christmas delivery for Ireland, The U.K. and Europe.
Orders received by the 11the should be in time for North America.

Orders received after the 18th WILL NOT be processed until after the Christmas break.

Happy Christmas!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

The House of Daemon, by John Wagner, Alan Grant and José Ortiz

I have just opened the last box of copies of the House of Daemon, the reviews have all been brilliant, so get it while there is copies left at
Pictured is an example of the incredible clean up that Richard performed on José Ortiz's fantastic artwork in the House of Daemon.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Thursday, July 9, 2015

The House of Daemon.

The House of Daemon is now available to buy from Hibernia's comics shop here - 
Elliot Aldrich had built a dream house - but that dream turned into a nightmare!

Elliot with his wife Cassandra and a few brave companions are trapped in Daemon’s twisted house of terror, a house that Daemon will never let them escape from!
From the pages of the new Eagle (September '82 to February '83) Hibernia is proud to present this long out of print classic.
Superbly written by Alan Grant and John Wagner, introduction by Mike Perkins and incomparable art from Spanish master Jose Ortiz, miss this collection at your peril!
Please allow 10 working days for delivery, usually much faster, but these books are sent via international postage, and can on occasion take a little extra time.
Perfect Bound
94 Pages

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Complete Dracula Files from Scream out now!

I have collected the Dracula Files stories from Scream! and the Holiday Specials into a handsome book available now here more info below!

From the pages of Scream! comic Hibernia is proud to present The Complete Dracula Files, collecting all the weekly episodes as well as all the episodes from the hard to find Holiday Specials. Also included is two page’s of  unseen Eric Bradbury Dracula art from Scream issue 18, and a cover gallery.
Follow KGB officer Colonel Stakis desperate hunt for Count Dracula, who is spreading terror in 1980’s Britain after defecting from Communist Romania.
Written By Gerry Finley Day (Rogue Trooper) and Simon Furman(Transformers), and art by Eric Bradbury (Doomlord) and Geoff Senior (Transformers).
Its something to get your teeth into!

Perfect Bound
86 Pages
Black and White

Friday, January 9, 2015

Library of Death Pages....

A few preview pages for the Library of Death collection, get it while you can here!   [url][url]

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Christmas postage dates.

Just a bit of information for anyone considering buying in the next few days, shop here!

Any order received by the 19th for Irish customer, and the 18th for customers from Great Britain and Europe should be with you in time for Christmas.
Rest of the world I'm afraid its probably too late for Christmas but don't let that stop you ordering!
All outstanding order have been sent, if there is any difficulties drop me a line at
A few newer customers didn't know I did a Doomlord collection a few years back, still available here

Friday, November 28, 2014

On Sale NOW!!!!

Two new collectionsnow available at our Comicsy shop here

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

I put a small piece on FB about the Daily Star Dredd's  collection that Rebellion will soon be publishing, linky here if you fancy a read

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Thirteenth Floor Volume 2 ON SALE NOW!

As the title says Volume 2 of the Wagner. Grant and Ortiz Classic is on sale NOW at my Comicsy shop here;

Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Thirteenth Floor Vol 2 coming VERY soon

At long last I am getting Volume 2 of the classic Wagner and Grant story, The Thirteenth Floor out, as well as a small print run  of Volume one (second edition) for those that missed it first time 'round, keep an eye here for ordering details next week.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Tower King pages..

Here is a few pages from the Tower King, still some available form the Comicsy Shop here

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Tower King, first review!

First review over at Judge Semples blog, also a great plug from Lew Stringer. These are selling great, and if it keeps going they will be sold out soon, so get a copy now while you can;-)

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Tower King Collection out now!!!


From the New Eagle comes the classic story by Alan (Meltdown Man) Hebden and Jose (13th Floor) Ortiz. The Tower King tells the tale of Mick Tempest and his struggles to survive in a London plunged into Medieval anarchy by the complete loss of electricity. Brilliantly written by Alan Hebden, and the artwork by Ortiz is among his best.
76 pages plus cover, soft cover, saddle stitched A4. B&W/greyscale, and artwork is at the size as original publication.
This is the first time this story has ever been reprinted, and this first print is limited to 200 individually numbered copies .Available by mail order only, please allow 10 days for delivery, delivery in most cases will be quicker. Buy here